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July 16, 2013
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Warning: ... there's no sex, so don't get excited... and read the description. It can enhance your experience, so to speak. ;) But it also may cause fangirling....

With a sense of dread, your fingers ghosted over various trinkets, feeling a plethora of textures and shapes.  You let your hand hang in the hat for a couple of moments, trying to delay pulling out an item as Splendorman looked at you expectantly.  You chose an item at random, yanking it out of the hat and holding it with a trembling hand out in front of you.  The rose seemed to faintly shimmer in the light, it's rich (f/c) color captivating.  It was pristine quality; you couldn't find any flaw in its petals.  A subtle, sweet scent reached your nose, ensnaring your senses in it's perfect form.  While you were mesmerized by the unusually beautiful rose, however, Splendorman watched you in horror. 

You couldn't have picked out a worse item.

"(Name), dear, please pick again-" he said, insistently pushing his hat towards you.  You noticed his hand was slightly shaking, and a nervous smile was plastered his face.  He visibly struggled to keep his demeanor calm and level.  Tilting your head to the side in confusion, you hesitantly began to put the rose back, it's stem just hovering over the opening of the top hat.  That is, until you felt a voice whisper in your ear:

"Hey there~" the male whispered in a coy tone, ending his sentence in a sultry chuckle.  You snapped your head upwards, stifling a startled yelp at the faceless creature before you.  At first, you thought he was Slenderman, but after noticing his dark trench coat and fedora you realized that this was not the case.  That, and his mouth (which had just ripped across the lower half of his face) was upturned into a sinister smirk, sending a shiver down your spine.  His hand gently reached out to caress your chin, tilting it upwards as his thumb traced small circles by your jaw.  He leaned in, his smirk growing at the flustered expression on your face.

"Save it for the closet!" You heard someone yell from the back of the room.  

"Offenderman, I really don't think-" Splendorman began.  Sexual Offenderman didn't even let him finish.

"I can do it in seven minutes." he said, waving Splendorman away as he pulled you close by the waist and guided you to the closet.  He pushed you through the door, firmly but gently.  You heard Splendor object one last time before Offenderman closet the door.

"That wasn't what I meant-!" he sputtered, reaching his hand out to the entrance of the closet.  Again Offender cut him off, shutting the door with a definitive slam.  

Almost automatically you backed up against the wall, and Offenderman followed, his hands pressing against the wall on either side of your waist.  You felt him shift slightly in the darkness, his back moving towards the door so you were backed into the corner.  He leaned in closely, and you could hear his hat drop to the floor as he tore off his tie with a resounding rip!  You opened your mouth to object as Offenderman loomed over you; things were moving way too fast!  A small blush made its way onto your cheeks as you noticed that his trench coat was opened quite a bit, exposing a bit of his hard-muscled chest underneath.  In the darkness, you could see a shit-eating grin on the Slender's face as he leaned forward, his lips just grazing yours.

Gulping, you tried to squirm away, but Offenderman seized your body.  A large hand cupped your hip and another grasped your shoulder as he pulled you in, his mouth open like he was about to devour you.  Your frightened yelp echos throughout the closet, but becomes immediately muffled as a long, pale tentacle wraps around the lower half of your face.  It completely covered your mouth, but Sexual Offenderman left your nose uncovered so you could still breathe.  Unfortunately, with the tentacle in the way, he couldn't exactly kiss you, and if he moved the tentacle away, you'd just yell again... so what was he to do now? 

Something really dirty, that's what.

Without giving it a second thought, the hand that was on your shoulder flew to your breast, giving it a slow, firm squeeze.  In the darkness, your eyes widen and you give a loud intake of breathe through your nose (as close to a gasp as you could get with Offenderman's appendage covering your mouth).  You writhed as you arched into his touch without thinking, a second tentacle shooting out of Offender's back and caressing the small of your back as he pulled you closer.  

The both of your hips were crushed together, grinding against one another and creating a delicious friction. Your head lolls back slightly, and your chest starts to heave with the force of your panting and the fact that you couldn't really breathe as Sexual Offenderman continued to roll your breast in the palm of his hand, his other hand leaving your hip and trailing to the button of your pants...

It wasn't long before he grew tired of massaging your chest through your shirt, so he promptly darted his hand under the hem of your tee and flipped down the cup of your bra, tweaking the nipple.  It dragged forth a stifled "Mmm~" from you, your palms pressed against his chest as he continued to press your body hard against his.  Meanwhile, his other hand grazed your pelvis before promptly flicking open the button to your jeans, his fingers teasingly grazing over your underwear as his tentacle suddenly retracted from your mouth.  You gasped, relieved that you could breathe, but Offenderman's tentacle was promptly replaced by his own mouth, his tongue immediately invading your mouth and tangling with yours like a snake. 

His hand rakes though your hair and to the back of your head, holding you so you couldn't escape.  You feel your face flush even more as pleasure crashed over you in waves, the hand that was currently at your pants suddenly grinding against one sensitive spot that made a loud moan make it's way past your lips.  The sound was greedily swallowed by Sexual Offenderman, and you clung to him as he hitched you up against the corner he backed you up into.  His hands flew to your thighs, keeping you suspended against him as he continued to ravage your mouth, your arms draping around his neck.  Without warning, he pulled away.

"You're a good kisser..." he whispers huskily into your ear, another pale tentacle affectionately stroking your neck.  It traveled upward, just touching the corner of your kiss-bruised mouth as Offender's many appendages rid him of his trench coat...

...and he wasn't wearing anything underneath.

"W-whoa, whoa, wait, what are you doing?!" you stuttered, recoiling back as far as the small space would let you.  "D-don't take off your clothes!" Offender silenced you with another kiss.

"Just shut up and take what's coming to you." he half spoke, half growled.  You opened your mouth to object, but you were abruptly cut off with another moan when Sexual Offenderman briefly removed his hand from one of your thighs and harshly rubbed you though your jeans, the ministration building the heat that lapped at your insides and sending delighted shivers up and down your spine.  Just as Sexual Offenderman's fingers hooked around the top of your jeans (and mostly likely your underwear too), there was a flurry of knocks on the door, accompanied by Splendor's yell of "Time's up!" 

The door flew open shortly after, but Splendorman didn't see the two of you in a naughty position like he expected.  In fact, he didn't see you two at all.  Offenderman had picked you up and teleported out of the closet into one of the guest bedrooms in the old house before Splendor had fully opened the door.  

And, let's just say... a wild night followed. 

... I'm not sure how I did with this one, but I just think you all ought to know that a perfectionist's gambit is a terrible one, especially when it comes to writing! I first thought I added too much detail, then I edited, then I thought that this one wasn't as sexy as the others, and IT TOOK ME FOUR DAYS TO WRITE THIS

But yes. Listen to this song, and feel the sexiness:


BTW, anyone else know what the hell is up with the links? They don't automatically go "[link]" anymore....
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Ask-Vixy-the-Fox1987 Featured By Owner 2 days ago  New member Student Digital Artist
WHY WOULD I- never mind... I luv it btw
ArtrianaSilver Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wendy: * looks into the cloest* Splendorman you should have known he was going to teleport out of there? Heck i even knew when she pulled out the rose. Well I going to set a sound prof barrier spell on the room they are in.

Splendorman: Why do I have a brother like that?* sighs*

Wendy: If it makes you feel better I have a surprise for all of you.

Splendorman: Really what is it?

Wendy: You have to wait see.
BreAndLee Featured By Owner Edited Oct 24, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Me: *Picks rose*
Offender: "Why hello there."
Me: -_-
Offender: <_<
Me: "I quit."
Offender: "But all the fun time we could ha-"
Me: "No."
Offender: "But why not babe?"
Me: "....."
Offender: "...?"
Me: *Crosses my arms*
Offender: *Opens his coat*
Me: Freddy Nosebleed 
Offender: Yato Sparkleeye Icon If you know what i mean 
Me: *Grabs Offenderman and runs upstairs to the nearest bedroom*
Everyone: O_O 
Slender: "I thought she would have been stronger than that."
Ticci Toby: " I didn't take her as one of those fangirls..."
Jeff: They're all out to get me... "Offender probably isn't that good in bed anyways..."
Me: *Upstairs, a loud repetitive thumping is heard* "OH GOD YES Smexy!!!"
Everyone: D: 
Jeff: Grumpy Mike 
DvArtGal13 Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2014
dammit I need a cold shower now
oh well
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